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Hello and welcome to a quick tutorial on an overview of your Bluehost web hosting space. If you are watching this video this video is your session 3 wireframing exercise so I’m going to go in and get started I’ve gone ahead and logged in to Bluehost and I’m doing this mostly to just give you a an overview you may already have these details in your head so once you watch this you may think oh I don’t need to login to Bluehost.

I can just do it that’s fine I’m going to from the Bluehost site I’m going to click on cPanel and once I click on a cPanel there’s going to be an option here called my installs and I’m going to go ahead and click on my installs and this is going to show me everything that I’ve got installed in my Bluehost space ok once you have gotten to my install the thing that you need on this page is probably in the smallest type to print but it’s this portion here where it says view my installs I’m going to click on that one time and what this is going to give you is an overview of all of the sites that you have.

Now I have extra sites in here for a variety of reasons but my primary site is the e Horner net I also have the instructional design site here I have the sample 621 I have a sample portfolio I have a sandbox I have a couple of other things here you probably only have your primary site that functions as your portfolio and you probably only have your edtc 621 and you probably have your sandbox some of you might have a Moodle installation as well so those are the four things that if you are in the instructional design course you should look at putting on your concept map or your wire frame for your Bluehost space which is the session three exercise so keeping these details in mind what I’m going to do is I’m going to switch very quickly over to my gmail account and again we’re using our public Gmail account because there are some restrictions on the Ramapo site so I don’t necessarily want to have that restricted for you so I’m going to go ahead and use a public gmail account so this is taking a second to refresh there we go once I’ve done that I can do a couple different things I can go to Docstoc or over here on the right-hand side I’m already logged in there is the little square icon with the nine little squares on it if I click on that one time.

I can go to my drive my Google Drive and from here what I’ve asked you to do is create a folder these are all directions in in session 3 and I’m going to go ahead and click on new and get past all the little announcement pieces here I’m going to click on new and I’m going to click on folder and I’m going to name this folder at Ramapo truthfully you can name it anything you want but you might call it Ramapo work or ms CT or ms CT work once that’s done the folder appears here in my Google Drive and I’m going to double click to enter that folder and now I have a blank space I could of course always click on the drop down over here and get to it the same way the next thing I want to do is I want to creat new and I’m going to now go to more and go to Google drawings now there’s multiple ways to create a framework or a concept map of your Bluehost space you don’t necessarily have to do it through Google drawings I like to do it this way because it’s free and you can keep it forever however if you have a concept mapping tool in another software package you are certainly welcome to do that as long as you can link to it from your site and I’ve also seen some students do it through Google slides so either option other option you can use.

I’m going to go ahead and give you the example of doing it in the drawing area and I’m going to quickly give this drawing a title so that I know what it is later on of course and I’m going to tie a title it Bluehost set up and I’m going to give it today’s date so that I recall when I first or last did this once I’ve done that the biggest piece of information that I want you to truly understand here is that within Bluehost conceptually your primary web space is set to point to your domain and that’s that’s your biggest chunk of portfolio space so what I’m looking at in terms of wire framing is I’m going to go ahead and insert a shape here and I’m going to I can keep it simple I could do fancy stuff and I’m going to just simply draw that shape and I’m going to click in here and type in my NSC T portfolio as that is one of my WordPress sites by the way I do not recommend that you put any passwords or sensitive information on this drawing because you will make it public so do not put that information on here now there’s a couple of things you can do you can go ahead and click on insert shape and do another shape here or you could actually just copy and paste I’m going to go ahead and type in my next one which is instructional design oops sorry and one of the things I do want to add here is the actual web address so I’m going to click back into my first one and type in my web address and for my instructional design site it’s the same address except for it follows with instruct design and this site is really not something that you would get to from just generally the internet it is linked directly from your portfolio site.

So here what I’m going to do is I’m going to click on insert line and I’m going to do an arrow and I’m going to click and drag that arrow to here to indicate that I am I’m going to click back on my pointer just to deselect that to indicate that I’ve got a main portfolio site and this is its web address and from this particular website I’ve got a hyperlink out to my instructional design site now I’m going to do one more just as an example here and I may have to just reconnect this and I remember back in my site listing here I’ve also got a site for my brains class and so I’m going to add that as an example here now ideally you update this flowchart frequently and you add all of your websites but for this particular course what I’m looking for is your primary portfolio and its address your instructional design and if you’ve taken the brains class the other little brain chunk there now I’m going to I again I could just insert a whole new shape up here but I can also click on here and do a ctrl C on the PC or in the windows side or a command C on the Mac side and then I can do a paste which is the control V or command V and what that does for me is it kind of gives me a head start here so now all I have to do is delete the title of this brains and then I just need to type in brains now if I don’t remember my own web addresses off the top of my head as I’m typing here please bring up another browser go back and open that up up open up your other websites copy and paste that information here and so then the last thing I need to do is I just need to insert a narrow line here going from here to here okay and that is in essence.

What I want you to do on this particular exercise the next thing that you need to do is you need to insert this into a page or excuse me you need to create a link to it from your instructional design page on your instructional design menu under session 3 you should have a bullet point called for a website framework and then you should link to this so let’s go ahead and do that I’m going to click on share right now it’s private only to me but I’m going to click on share and now I’m going to click on get shareable link so once I’ve done that I’m going to it comes out with this massively long link I’m going to click on copy link it tells me the link is copied to the quick board and I’m going to click on done now I’m going to jump back to pardon me while I find it I do not have my sample site open but I’m just going to show you really quickly how it might look this is actually my instructional site let me pop over to menu one and I apologize my computer is running a little slow tonight [Music] and here is the menu for sessions 1 2 & 3 so this is the content you would have pasted on your initial instructional design homepage and so this is a session 3 piece I’m going to click in here and I’m going to type in wireframe a Bluehost set up I’m going to highlight that I’m going to click on my hyper linking icon and then I’m going to paste in there and except that I’m going to update that and I’m going to go ahead and preview this once it gets done here by coming up here and clicking on view page.

So once I go ahead and click on view page here I have my option to go to wireframe of Bluehost set up and here I come back into my diagram now because you didn’t share it in terms of giving other people options to change it notice here that it’s not allowing me to change anything up here it doesn’t recognize that I have that right I would actually have to log in through Google to make any changes again on this particular diagram do not put sensitive information such as usernames and passwords but do go ahead and document your site because you’ve linked to it only you haven’t necessarily made the document public to the whole wide world people aren’t going to stumble across it and again not putting any sensitive information even if they did stumble across it it shouldn’t be that big of a deal I’m going to finish up here and if you have any questions please let me know you.

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