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Okay.  Good afternoon everyone!  I think we’re all set up we have a few people still coming in here but I think we’re just about ready to go my name is Daniel young I’m a Content Manager for one in one Internet so thank you for joining us for the one in one my website webinar I just to let everyone know this webinar is more for beginners to the my website product.

So we’ll be giving a general overview of what it is the process of setting up your website the basics of how to edit your site as well as some of the features that are available to you once you have my website also to make everyone aware after this presentation.

We’ll also be posting the video on our YouTube channel for your reference that is at slash one and one with and spelled out you’ll also be able to find some of our older webinars on that channel as well so we’ll be presenting for about 45 minutes today and then we’ll leave some time afterwards for a bit of QA also during the webinar we have a helper here with us answering questions that we can’t might not be able to get to at the end so if you have questions just feel free to type them into your questions pane and then we should be able to get to them once again my name is Daniel Young joining us today is Hilary clothes the product manager for one on one my website Hilary thank you for joining us.

Thanks it’s great to be here okay so if we’re all ready to get started let’s take a look at the agenda for today just a reminder you don’t need to write all this information down because we’ll be sending a follow-up email afterwards it will have a link to the slides and then also recording of the presentation once we can get it up and on YouTube so for the agenda today basically we’ll start off just giving an overview of what my website is for those of you that don’t know or for those of you that could use a little refresher or more information about it from there we’ll kind of talk about the different packages that are available my website comes in three different levels of price points with different features in each each level of course and then from there.

Hilary will go over a tutorial about just basically everything that you can do once you have the my website product so logging in using your control panel editing the site the settings for your website editing the content which might be the most important thing that people are interested in today and then we have two new things with regards to that one of them is the web apps which he’ll we’ll go into later just basically being able to add new things to your website and then using the SEO spotlight tool with which benefits your website in search engines and then finally we’ll talk about how to use your site analytics from your my website control panel and then at the end we will go over any questions that we see coming in.

We’ll answer everything that we can in the time allowed so now if we jump over to our browser where we can show you basically how to get to my website this is the one and home page okay so Hilary can you explain what my website is before we get into it sure so 101 my website was was developed by us for for people who have a small business and they want to create a web presence for themselves but they don’t want to hire a developer and they don’t want to pay a lot of money to work with someone um and they also want to be able to make updates whenever they want and so 101 my website is a really easy to use um tool that allows you to get your website up and running really quickly and then after that you can make all kinds of changes whenever you want so the really great benefit of it is that you don’t have to wait for a designer or a developer to make changes you can make changes whenever you want it’s really easy to use the really great thing about it also is that it comes with industry specific content for over 140 different types of industries so if you have in particular a restaurant or something else it’ll come with the content that’s that’s um it’s perfect for your for your type of industry and it really acts as a starting point.

So that way you can start to create your website and you don’t have to start from scratch so it makes it really easy for people to get online really quickly okay great just to help us as we go through this tutorial I’d like to ask our first poll question basically we just want to know how many of you might already have my website packaged and how many of you are don’t have it and are thinking about it and then it can kind of help us tailor the presentation to to what everyone is thinking so it looks like 2/3 of you have my website and maybe one-third is just here to learn more about it to see if it’s something that can benefit what they’re trying to do so from there we can jump back to the one on one home page this is just one in one com and Hilary can go over how to get to the my website page and and kind of what what you can expect once you get there.

Okay so once you’re on the home page on there’s a lot of different ways you can connect to my website but the easiest is just to go to my website in the browser when you get there you’ll come to the landing page as you see we’re running a really great promotion right now the first six months of 50% off so basically and then my website click on my website business then you’ll come to the landing page and this is a really great landing page that we just launched in September.

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