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Hi guys, this is Nick Pratt and today I want to show you how to set up a wordpress on bluehost hosting and I want to show you how to do that in this little as twenty minutes.

Okay because it really is easy and a lot of people have talked to you know they worry about setting up a website about all the technical stuff but these days as you’re gonna see in a second it is very easy to do and the way technologies advanced these days now I’m gonna be showing you how to use Bluehost and if you actually click the link below this video or if you’re on the blog click the button or the link below.

You actually get a bit of a discount you get a free domain name included so you may be interested in that and and just as a kind of disclosure it is an affiliate link but you will get a free domain name and obviously I’ll receive a commission but if you want to kind of discount something and it’s well worth getting now I’ll explain a little bit about why I use Bluehost first before we get started and in me helping you set it up but basically I use Bluehost because the technology that they have allows you to get better search engine rankings and I’ll just show you an example of that if we go down and there’s some information about the technology that they have and I don’t wanna get too technical in this video but they have kind of high spec servers and the search engines nowadays favor faster loading websites.

So if you can get a faster loading web site right out of the gate you’ve got a competitive advantage over your competitors sort of thing so I’ve used a lot of different hosting companies and Bluehost has given me the best results because of their fantastic technology so that’s why I use Bluehost so I’m really gonna when I’m really going to show you how to get started ok and there’s also the blog post if you want kind of written instructions but basically the first thing you do is you click this big red sorry this big green button saying get started now so you click that and then on this page it gives you a choice of kind of you know what can a hosting plan you want and to be honest what I say to most of my students is you can actually go for the lowest one if you want and then just upgrade later you know you don’t need to jump into the highest one and it’s coming down to where you want to start really so let’s just go for the basic one just to start so I’ll go select there and and once we’ve done this we get a chance to look for our domain name that we want or if you’ve got a domain name you know you put it in here or ever but if we’re looking into a domain name and I’ll just do an example and put in something like web traffic tactics which is something I’ve looked at before and and we’ll see if the dot-com is available so we’ll click Next see if that’s available and as you can see it’s not available for registration and which is totally fine because at this point we get given some alternatives that we could possibly use and so you can look along here you can really think about what kind of domain name you won and if you find a good alternative you can always click the back button and go and look at other stuff but if you find a good alternative you can kind of go for that here.

So I’m just going to go for that one web traffic tactics CO and I’m just going to click that to say that I want that one as an alternative so I’ve clicked here I’m just waiting for it to load and then dead-simple sign up congratulations it now gives me the option to put in my details here and all that sort of stuff and then it gives me information on the package now on this you’ve got a choice out of the 12 month the 24 month for the 36 months and obviously it’s going to be cheaper if you go for the longer contract period but it’s completely up to you you know and it’s all about you know what you want to play out really now if you’re obviously planning to have this website in the complete long term you may want you know the longer contract period it’s completely up to you but you’ve got your choices here to select that so I’ve just selected that there now like I said if you joined through my link below you obviously get a free domain name and now there’s some additional up Chelsea I’m going to kind of tell you a little bit about them and I personally don’t go for any of them and I’ll kind of explain a little bit about that but let’s just kind of go through them with the domain privacy protection that’s not really a big thing and for me and so I don’t really need that it you know there’s no kind of secrecy or anything with the site backup Pro.

I have my own methods of backing up my website using WordPress plugins and things at that so it’s not something I need and personally I don’t think you need it either really unless you really want it the domain security I have my own WordPress security plugins to do do a good job and the search engine jump start here I’ve always found that a bit pointless and because it doesn’t really do anything it’s a bit of a gimmick and the Google Apps for work I’m not really sure what that is and I haven’t seen that one before but they’ve obviously added it and but I haven’t used that either so really for the upsells personally I haven’t gone for them but you can do if you want to but just telling you that you by all means you don’t need to go for them you can just go for the package and then you simply put in your card details here and then you click Next now when you do click Next what’s going to happen is you’re going to get go to a confirmation page and Bluehost is going to email you and your dashboard username and login so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna now head off and login to my dashboard and I’m going to show you how to install WordPress so I’ll see you in a sec guys alright guys so once you’ve obviously filled in your details and paid for Bluehost and you then receive an email from Bluehost with your dashboard and username and login details and then you’ll also have a link to the dashboard in that email and this is basically the dashboard that I’ve logged into now and and obviously you know when you get your details you log into this same dashboard now first thing.

I’ll say is don’t get overwhelmed with the huge amount of kind of options and stuff that you’ve got here because you’re not going to need all of this stuff okay it’s gonna be very easy and so all you need to do to set up WordPress it literally actually this is now gonna take us about two minutes you simply click on website which is right up here in the kind of navigation so you click on that and and then you’ll see these things here and WordPress is one of them and you simply click use WordPress this is dead easy and you click that and then it says install WordPress and you simply click install right here so you click that and then you simply select the domain that you’ve just got from before and you leave this blank because you want to install it to the roots you don’t want to install it into any specific folder just to the root and then you click check domain now I’m not gonna do that because I’ve already done this but when you click check domain it will kind of go through and check your furnace ok and then you’ll be sent by email your and website kind of WordPress login information and then you will and you’ll obviously have to install a theme and stuff like that but if you want to know how to obviously install a theme to WordPress site you can actually grab my free training series my six-figure roadmap training series by obviously go into my website my blog and filling out your email address for that and that will show you how to put a theme together as well as optimizing your website for the search engines and then using it to get leads so I hope this has been helpful guys I encourage you to get onto the blog get the free training series so you can get even more information and I look forward to seeing you and getting lots of leads of a new website thanks guys you.

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