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All right guys,  let’s begin so in this presentation I’m teaching my seven-year-old son Adam how to set up his website using one and one now.

I’ve been with one-on-one since the very beginning a lot has changed in their back office this is what you’re looking at another control panel but what you’re about to learn is how do you set up a wordpress blog how do you set up an FTP software’s that you can do some changes to your website so let’s go ahead and begin.  We want to click on domain Center and then once domains load up.

We’re going to go ahead and select Adam Bailey rumors he haven’t chosen your domain go ahead and create one now you can order them through here this is a control panel and you can do that but you’ll notice that right now it’s under web space the root directory and that’s not what we want we actually want to put into a subdirectory so let’s go ahead and click on domain settings and then edit basic settings under basic settings what you want to do is modify the destination.

You’ll notice that right now is status fields active your should stay active as well just click on that and you’ll notice that right now the target directory is the root directory there’s no subfolder so we’re gonna go ahead and create one the easiest way to do this is though install FileZilla it’s a free application just go to file Sylla calm looks like file 0 dot project all right if you google it you’ll find it once you install it and download it you’ll be able to set up your site let me show you how you do that you click on the top left open site manager and I created the site called Adam Ramirez okay you can create yours based off that your hosts would be Adam David Ramirez comm port by default we’ll leave it all load .

We’re going to use standard FTP normal username passwords login to our FTP and so the way you do that is you go to the control panel right here at the top right one on one control panel and once you’re here you’ll notice that you’ll see FTP towards the bottom where it says manage web space FTP account and this is going to give you the information for your everything between accounts to be able to log in and get your username.  So you wanna make sure you copy that username right there that one’s mine so you’ll have to get yours and then go ahead and for your password that you set up there under the FTP account section and once we log in with the credentials you’ll notice that you’ll see different folders if you have other websites you may not.

So, I’m going to go ahead and log in and create one for my website for my son out of vaporizers just Glen type in the name and then I’ll you’re telling a web base now is work is it okay change the destination from the root directory and you’ll notice it looks like a folder and curtain that you created inside of the SP updates and bronchus and should be good to go to start hitting trials so in this driver you can have images videos all kinds of good stuff.

You have access to that folder now so no matter what you put in there it’s going to show up the location I chose inside of our our folder folder for one-on-one all right so this is taro.  I will show you how to install WordPress very simple in your control panel under hosting you’ll see WordPress under the App Center so easy and quick website creation click on WordPress once here you want to click on where it says install you want to enter a website name without any special characters just strictly text so go ahead and do it that need so whatever your website name is this where you want rip go ahead and create your administrator login if you a login name and password because this is for my son I’m going to fake the father counts and then create him an account later for himself to play around with but I check off you read the terms.

What you want to do here is change the domain to be the name of when they can chose so what do you pick this will suck atom deep reverse you want to make sure you click the change domain and now the website is being pointed to that domain instead of the root directory all right you’ll see here that all inverted to order you got name domain and of course the add new URL. If you ever need to edit the section and you are essentially done with the WordPress installation very simple you go to your calm name you’ll notice that WordPress has been installed by the default this is the theme for WordPress at this current release so you want to make sure that you pay attention that this is the release and show you how to login to admin section usually there’s a link at the bottom left of the admin section but you want to ensure user name and password right there or you can go directly to a dimeric remember domain name for slash WP login dot PHP a little bit long to remember you can also do for slash WP dash admin and this is how you install WordPress.

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