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Hey guys, this is Al.  I wanted to do a quick review and a warning for people interested in one in one hosting domain hosting.  All right,  now a lot of newbies when they first start going online to try to get hosting for their websites they kind of focus on the main issue which is how can they get a low cost domain name.

One in one offers low cost domain names, however I want to caution you on using the one on one service all right and this is why there are some main reasons this site has some of the most scammy shady practices.  I have ever dealt with in coming on with online companies now.

This is what I’m talking about all right arm one in one in their in their terms of use they invoice you for a domain and it lets you know that your domain is up for renewal they generate an invoice prior to notifying you making you responsible arm for the domain so they kind of give you a a paper credit or cash credit for the for the domain before you pay for it and then what happens is they make you responsible for that domain even though it’s just a credit on paper.

So what that means is let’s say that you bought a domain and it’s time let’s say it’s maybe 10 or 12 days before the renewal what they’ll do is they’ll generate a invoice for the amount of the renewal and then they’ll send you a invoice about three days later telling you that you seven days in some point between seven seven days from the time that they sent you that email that you’re going to restate the money out of your PayPal account.

If you’re using PayPal oh they’re going to charge your credit card so what happens is you as soon as you receive that email you may call and say well I’m canceling it I’m not using that domain anymore what they do is that since the invoice is generated and they made a a paper credit they basically say that you owe them that money and then they will take you to collections or what have you so that you have to pay this amount now arm I had a dispute with them with PayPal PayPal judged it in my favor because of these practices that one in one is doing but they’re still allowing to do this practice somebody’s needs to seriously look into this company an attorney general or somebody needs to look into one in one internet I’m saying it out loud and they need to look into this company because there is something really shady about this company there are so many complaints are about this company and people are talking about this company all over the internet.

But somehow this come people are still signing up for the service now because I am the type of person that I like to share information if you see this video and it is happy to you comment in the comment section and additionally you have my permission to propagate this video across the internet so that we can bring attention to the fact that one in one is doing this all right thanks so much guys please do not use one in one for any services because the customer service sucks they are scamming people with the way that they’re collecting these of fees alright you have been warned bye-bye.

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