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Hello and welcome to the overview of your one and one control panel! Your 1&1 control panel can be accessed by going to my one-and-one comm and entering in your customer ID and password which you can find on the email that you received when you signed up the contracts that you have under your account name will be shown on your welcome page.

Select the contract that you would like to work on to continue on to the control panel once inside your control panel you can switch between packages using the drop down menu at the top your control panel is divided into six sections each section contains a topic that is essential to you getting the most out of your website up first is domains and web space here you can check to see if the desired domain name is available set up a new domain access the domains you have previously set up and even park a domain so that you can make money every time someone clicks a link on your page below is website and applications simply click on this link.

You will find access to your website for editing everything from layouts and color schemes to text and images website and applications is also where you access your site analytics which allows you to see which pages are most appealing to your visitors what path they take when navigating your site and most importantly how to use this information to optimize your website moving down again we find the 1 in 1 advertising Center which contains marketing tools for your website with our email marketing tool you can easily create manage and send personalized newsletters to your clients with one and once local service you can find ways to upgrade your marketing and with simple submission and our SEO ready service you can access and manage search engine submissions for your website.

Some of these options come with your package and some can be purchased at an additional price on the top right-hand side under my data you will find your user settings such as password email and payment settings as well as your contract data which allows you to track expenses view invoices and see your messages additionally this is where you can upgrade or downgrade packages as needed and see when your next payment is due in the center right column is communication and online storage clicking on the links under email will allow you to create view and manage your email address and protect yourself from spam and viruses through the one in one mail exchange you can set your email up on your mobile device or through a small application such as Outlook your one in one online storage is a convenient way to store and work with all your website data online without having to save it to your local Drive finally our downloads and Help section is where you will find your one in one easy login when installed will allow you to access your control panel directly from your desktop.

This is also where you can find reference manuals such as the one in one Quick Start Guide customer forums FA cues and contact information to help you get the answers you’re looking for to wrap things up in your upper right corner if you are interested in additional products just click on the one in one shop the Help section will also lead you to support resources and also this is where you can log out.

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