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All right today, we’re gonna be learning how to install wordpress with Bluehost and install a ribbon WordPress theme we’re gonna be moving at a fast clip so once you’re in your cPanel go to site builders click on simple scripts you’re going to look down in the script list and click on WordPress and then you scroll down again there’s a little green button down here that says install you click that and we get over here where we’re able to select the domain why we’re gonna be doing the installation I’ve got way too many here but hey that’s where it’s gonna go.

Then you’re going to uncheck that because we don’t need that and do have to agree to the terms and conditions before clicking complete okay so install super quickly magic is that copy that password and then click on the login URL type in the word admin and then paste that password and then save it with one password in your browser manager then go ahead and change it to something secure if you make a video showing everybody what that password is okay.

WordPress is installed so next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna check out our friends at cyber chimps who make these awesome responsive themes and down if you go to cyber tips calm for it /i ribbon you can go to the link that takes you to get up from there you download the zip file and you’re just gonna jump right back into WordPress and go to your appearance a section here and then drop down to themes yeah right there and then you’re gonna click the tab that says install themes if that guy go on then you just click upload right there and then click browse and you add that in your downloads folder you’ll see it right there and you can open that and just install it now once it’s installed.

You’re gonna hit activate to activate it and you’re probably gonna want to go and look at the site from the front-end and make sure that it works but if you followed these instructions I’m sure that it did and I’ve moved along really quick because I don’t like people who waste time trying to do tutorials so that was really fast and if you break it down slow it down that’s how you get it done right there with Bluehost and cyber chimps and a really cool thing is that once you have this up and running you actually have an RSS feed ready to go it just creates that so we’ll click this guy up here blam nice let’s subscribe now you can get your subscribers following you on your website for your company business blog whatever you want you you

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