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Hello everyone. Today, I’m going to show you how you can set up an external domain on the one-on-one hosting so so load your contract.

First of all and then what you need to do is you go under domains to transfer domains from another provider so click that once you click that you’ll be presented with this page. So enter your domain now mix you want to set up as an external domain. This is mine click transfer then oh there we go so this one works so here you’ll be presenting this page and what you will need to do is underneath this you don’t transfer the domain to one-on-one go under to set up an external domain to click.

This one here say it says as an external domain click that ok 000 and then click continue and then continue to check out make sure you click this box here so use your information from one on one make sure you click both these boxes they click an order now and then as you can see thank you for all the orders been received. So what you need to do now is change your bum change your name servers on your domain account for a different provider as long as this is different by then not one on one so for example if you’re using namecheap.

If you’re using namecheap for your domain but using one on one for your hosting then put your son namecheap name servers on your domain change the nameservers and change into the one-on-one ones and they’ll be linked in the description with the one-on-one name servers which you need to use and yeah so that’s how you do that.

So I’m going to show you how you can edit your domain so once you’ve done that and one on one was subject donal domain which is available you got you under domains got to manage domains and then your domain will be shown here see I’ve also gotten me and obviously I’ve already done my name servers so what you need to do here is edit destination then create a destination for your website or alternatively if yourself like a app go to one on one up sent it down here then you need to click like for example wordpress different cell wordpress on it you can just add a new website and then set what if it’s up on that website or not domain name your external one so that’s how you do that thanks for watching please subscribe and remember links in description for the nameservers goodbye.

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