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Hi everyone! This is Bobby of work with Bobby chief calm bringing your new video of how to host your 11 calm the main name on Hostgator.  I think one and offers the best prices on domain names and i have a link in the description that will get you 99 cents for your first year including privacy protection.

However i think hostgator is the best hosting provider on the internet and I speak from experience as I’ve been with them for over three years now and they have great customer service and my websites have always been up and running which is what you want.  So if you haven’t purchased hostgator hosting i have two coupons in the descriptions well one will get you twenty five percent off the other will get you nine dollars and ninety-four cents off.  You can only use one so please use whichever one will get you the biggest discount if you are installing wordpress please stick around to the end of the video because I brief tutorial it only takes a minute of how to get a wordpress installed on your hostgator hosting once you get your one and / to it so let’s go ahead and get started so once you purchase your domain on 11 calm and go ahead and click login I’ll once you’re logged in you want to go to your domains hit manage I have it highlighted right here and then you’re going to want to find your domain name that you’re moving over to hostgator hosting verify its correct and then go ahead and click edit dns a that will bring you to its next screen right here where you’re going to want to change this option from 11 default to custom.

So go ahead and click this box right here that’ll bring you this drop-down box that will give you a new box right here and give you a strap down box or go ahead and click that drop-down box and go ahead and click use secondary nameservers now you see that this will change to give you the ability to add up to four name servers so the next thing we want to do is go ahead and get our name servers from Hostgator now Hostgator sends you these in your initial email once you sign up for their hosting and I showed you what that email looks like with a copy of my own. If you don’t have this email where you lost it don’t worry i’m going to show you well so you can get it through Hostgator further down the videos to just keep watching and you can come back to this portion once you have them and just keep following along so go ahead and get that email open up make sure you have these two name servers now you’re just going to copy them from the email or the Hostgator web site if you’re watching further in a video to these two boxes right here named server1 and name server to once you have copied them you can go ahead and click Save and it will ask you to verify that you’re changing it go ahead and click yes it will give you a quick confirmation now.

If you don’t see this don’t worry about it only shows for about a second so it’s really easy to miss what you do want to see right here is that the name service have been changed to your Hostgator name servers one in one column states that this can take up to 48 hours and my experience has been less than an hour but just be patient with it if it doesn’t happen right away and if you’re only moving one domain over to hostgator hosting then you are done with this stuff and congratulations you can stick around and see how install wordpress further down the video if you got some value lists please like and subscribe but for those you have multiple domains or you’re still looking for the name servers or you want to salt wordpress just stay posted and only take another minute so next up we want to do is go to our Hostgator web site.

Let’s go to hostgator com and do customer portal entering information that will bring you to this screen where you can enter all you want to click the hosting tab go ahead and click that and then I’ll give you this option to click add-on domains now whenever you first sign up for hosting with Hostgator it’s going to ask you what domain you’re bringing over and that’s why if you only using one domain you don’t need to use the step for everyone else and add-on domain is any domain in addition to that initial domain that you registered your hostgator hosting with so go ahead and click that and that will bring you to this screen now I filled it out already to give you an idea what it’s going to look like this new domain name please note that I did not include the ww so if you have uw-w you are awesome website calm all you need to put in this rail right here is your awesome website calm the next row you want to put a username that you’re going to remember this is going to give you access to the cPanel again for your new add-on domain and there you’re going to add a password that you’re also going to remember so please write these sounds or store them someplace.

You remember this documentary right here you can lead be it’s automatically going to populate for you you don’t need to change that so once that is done you could add domain it will take you to this page just verify that the domain is successfully added going to click go back and now you should see your domain on this previous screen you’re at down here if you ever lose your username for whatever reason you can go ahead and find it again right here so if you have multiple names domains you just need to keep repeating that step and for those of you who are sticking around to see where you can get your nameservers just stay on a minute longer so go ahead and click home that will take you to your cPanel home page and just want to scroll to the bottom of the page and click this bar drag it down and at the bottom of that page on the left you’ll see boxeo says account information and there are your name servers that you originally got an email but if you lost or you can’t find it for whatever reason you can always find them here and you can go ahead and copy these and then go back to that previous portion of the video where i showed you how to change your name servers on one and


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