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Just host Bluehost hostgator lunar pages fatcow come on alright well. That’s all I can think of for right now there are a ton of hosting companies hosting clans and I’m sure you don’t know the difference that’s why you’re here and you want to see what the difference is what how I rank each one all right so I’ve dealt with lunar pages just host host Gator and Bluehost is lunar pages as host but hosted by Bluehost.

So that’s the same thing so basically the difference is our price and customer service because it’s the same platform so the exact it’s all the same way how to put your site up every single button is practically exactly the same alright it’s I think there’s a couple big hosting companies and they sell out the ability to set up your own hosting company alright it’s called resellers and so basically the biggest difference is just pricing yeah but customer service so I started off with just host because it was the cheapest it’s really cheap and it’s unlimited domains so that was cool but um.

I didn’t know what I was doing when I started out so this was actually the wrong way to go so I mean when it’s cheap I thought it would be the best way because I’m just starting but I’m it was actually the opposite because their customer service was clearly somewhere in India or Taiwan and they were clearly just outsource random people they didn’t know how to help me and I got my sites my sites were down for a long time and I was just going crazy because I didn’t know exactly what I was doing now I wouldn’t have a problem but the reliability of it is just horrible so just host is out Bluehost and lunar pages are pretty good I talked to the lunar pages guy a couple days ago they like helped me they had a attitude for some reason but um that’s okay so they’re pretty good they’re reliable but my favorite is hostgator and that’s what I host every single website on now I took it all off of lunar pages just host I threw away hostgator is the most offensive it that’s about the same as lunar pages and Bluehost and that the upper-class ones oh I forgot about GoDaddy so on the most expensive is GoDaddy so you might not see it the way they price their plans are its to make it look really cheap but you don’t get them the minted domain so you don’t get unlimited storage so you just don’t want to deal with that because once your storage goes over and limit they’ll just shut you down and that sucks so the hostgator is the number one choice and the last choice is just hosts so stay away.

So what I’m gonna do is there’s a link right here it’s for one dollar it’s a promo for one dollar that you can start for your first month for just a buck so that’s pretty good other companies you have to pay the whole year so you have to pay like a hundred bucks right off the bat so if you don’t want to do this this is kind of the perfect thing so I Hostgator is the best their customer service is amazing I’d send them a problem they go within like a minute they’d send me back to the answer so if you’re just starting or if you are the opposite and just want reliable hosting so you can trust your servers not to crash nothing like that I would go with Hostgator so there’s a link for a one dollar promo I would check it out oh there is a coupon code so you click that and then you have to click type in one and then cent so number one and then set yeah I’ll write everything down there so that’s it and subscribe if you want leave a comment if you want with your with with what you’ve experienced with your hosting plans and just call them out you know just say just host did this this this my server you’ll see on the line um that there will be a lot of negative reviews because people are pissed and then there will be a lot of positive reviews and that’s because they’re trying to sell you the hosting so it’s an affiliate link like this one if you buy I’m gonna get a percentage you’re not going to pay any more or anything like that but are you gonna get a percentage if you buy through this link so what people do is that they they’ll just praise it you know just host was the amazing bubble blog the cheapest the best hosting service period there’s no real difference between the Hosting’s it’s just really customer support and price range and how much storage they give you I mean that’s about it so with a house key just host with Hostgator the best plan is the middle one it’s baby crock and that’s because you get unlimited domains so even if you’re starting out you think you only have one domain I have a couple dozen hosted on there so it’s nice not to pay $5 per each one a month if I did that with GoDaddy I’d be like $80 hosting a month I would suck so that’s it all right leave me a comment as I said and I’ll see you later you.

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