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Okay, the next step now is to register for hosting now I use Bluehost.

So we’re gonna go to Bluehost calm now one feature like about Bluehost is after you’ve registered your main domain name you can actually add additional domain names to that same account and you don’t pay extra okay so again here what you want to do is to sign up so you click sign up then you enter your domain name and then you click Next until you finish this registration process I’ve already got an account the next step now is to set up the DNS so you want to go to my account and then choose that domain name that you just selected okay so now we’re going to go to that domain name that we that we just registered so I’m gonna click on that and I’m gonna go to the name servers so this is where you want to set your name servers to the hosting company that’s gonna be hosting your website so I’m gonna go to set name servers and then click I have specific name servers for my domains so this is where you want to type in NS 1 . Bluehost copy that so the second one is going to be in s 2 then you click okay now just before I go to the next step I just need to clarify a few things.

Now Bluehost is going to be the company that will be hosting my website so this is why I need to add the name servers right here okay so I’m just gonna click OK the next step is to set up the hosting so I’m gonna go to Bluehost okay we’re here now at Bluehost calm as you can see the hosting is 5-pound ninety-five dollars 95 per month it’s very inexpensive considering the fact that you can have multiple genomic domain names on that account which is a very very good feature now if you haven’t got a an account with them you need to say that you need to sign up now I’ve already done this stage so I’m gonna go and login to the control panel okay so login now this step is very important because what we’re going to do now is we’re going to assign this domain name into our domain manager this enables us to allow that domain name registered with GoDaddy to be hosted with Bluehost okay so I’m gonna go to domain manager.

I’m going to come up here where it says assign a domain name to your cPanel right so what you wanna do now is to type in the domain name so it’s so we’re just waiting here for this verification to complete and it’s done okay so I’m going to leave this here as lalena products directory and then click Add domain this takes quite a while so I’m gonna I’m gonna pause the video okay we can see now our website is showing right there let’s see what’s showing when you type in that domain name okay so this is the page that we get when when we haven’t loaded anything on the website you you.

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