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Hey everyone!  This is just going to be a quick review of 1 and 1 i’ve been a customer there’s for about the past eight months now and i just wanted to kind of go through and do a quick video review to let you guys know my thoughts on them for this review.

I’m going to base it on three different criteria that i think are important when reviewing any type of company their price their customer support and their quality of service i think those are the three most important things and this is kind of what i use whenever i pick a service so the first thing let’s just go ahead and take a look at price so 11 does offer a few different things they do hosting you know ecommerce you need servers from them by domains whatever.
So i’m just going to take a look at kind of the most basic ones let’s look at domains how much to the cost for domain registration so coms are eight dollars which is you know of course most common URL extension and that’s actually a really good deal most other domain registrar’s are typically around ten dollars so they’re about twenty dollars cheaper or twenty percent cheaper again some of the difference of two dollars but that’s still pretty darn cheap eight dollars for any com that’s pretty sweet and then we can see with the orgs and nets and dot infos are that’s actually really cheap one dollar for info so i actually had bought a dot info the other day for three dollars so unfortunately i should have double-checked the prices here let’s see hosting let’s check out their web hosting prices this is what i use them for they as you can see they are extremely cheap they start out at a dollar ninety-nine a month and then up to three ninety-nine a month and then six ninety-nine a month so that is really really cheap hosting that is a fantastic deal that has got to make them one of the cheapest house around.

When I originally went with him I did it because of price and you know you’re not really going to find a better deal than starting out at a dollar ninety-nine a month so as far as price goes there got to be one of the leaders in this field so that’s pretty sweet let’s check out their virtual servers so here we go we can see a they’re starting service twenty nine dollars a month for up to two gigs of ram which is pretty sweet see 50 gigabytes of storage not bad either and then a terabyte of traffic a month that is also a pretty sweet deal for thirty dollars a month and then up to these so four gigs of ram for thirty-five dollars a month eight gigs for fifty dollars a month two point five terabytes traffic so yeah it looks like they’re serve servers haven’t used them but their prices are really good yeah so that’s pretty ridiculous prices so that kind of goes over the prices for one and one let’s see the next thing I wanted to talk about was their customer service go here and click support so yeah looks like their support is pretty awesome I’ve actually had a really good experience with their services so I haven’t had to use support really but it looks like they have twenty four seven support which is pretty awesome I think this is a really important thing to think about when picking any type of online service provider is what is their support because you know if something goes wrong on a Friday night the last thing you need is to be waiting until monday morning to try and get it fixed so the fact that they have twenty four seven support i think is really really awesome and you know.

I think it’s kind of an important factor and something that you guys should consider if you’re looking at other companies make sure they do have twenty four seven support because that is pretty darn necessary so what was the last thing would be their quality of their services so i use their hosting and I’m very happy with their hosting I’ve never had any issues with downtime or a website loading slow or anything like that so I think their quality of service especially when you can say the price is really really awesome you know so if I had to give one and one and overall ratings based on their price service and quality product i’d probably give them a nine out.

I’m really happy with them you know I’ve used other hosts in the past and other domain registrar’s and these guys really do seem to be industry leaders so yeah if you guys are considering checking them out click the link in the description and that will send you over to their official website and you can look over everything went over this video should you have any questions please comment and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible yeah hopefully you guys like this review and yeah check out the website just click the link below and as always comment rate subscribe and I will catch you guys later.

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