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With basic web hosting services starting as low as 99 cents a month 1 and 1 is certainly going to grab a lot of attention from consumers looking to get their feet wet in the webmaster game when you learn that this package includes a free domain name and 100 gigabytes of storage you might even drool a little throw in a 30 day money back guarantee and you could get started without risking a significant amount of money again.

For newbies this could be a really attractive package we all know though that there’s no such thing as service that’s perfect for everybody and one and one is no exception so we at consumer rankings decided to take a look at the good the bad and the ugly of this web hosting behemoth to help you become a little more informed about your hosting options the domains and my data centers will allow you to view and control general features of your account such as billing information or how many domains you’re running but when it comes time to get started with your site you’ll want to get to the hosting section as quickly as possible one-and-one offers two equally intriguing options with a few of the most popular content management programs in addition to a proprietary site builder since most people will probably just build a blog with WordPress.

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to launch this software for your site yeah it’s pretty much that easy now you can use one of the most popular content management systems ever to build your site and thanks to one and one it only takes you two clicks to implement this amazing service in addition to these hosting features you’ll find a lot of other services that can really help you out a lot if you scroll down just a little bit you’ll see a site analytics option that can help you make the best site you possibly can the communication section can be just as helpful letting you set up your email accounts and maintain correspondence with everyone on your development team.

If you decide you need more traffic the e-business section will help you attract customers and easily develop advertising campaigns the overall layout of one-and-one is a little hectic with tons of confusing columns but nothing that you can’t figure out as you build your site though one-and-one offers a number of pricing tiers and online services most people will be drawn to the special promotion available from consumer rankings which gives you a year of hosting for $0.99 a month this represents a huge opportunity to many first-time hosts since you can save a lot and learn a lot in one fell swoop just be aware that the purchasing process can be pretty annoying with several pages of upsells that while they can be important services will probably distract from the value of the original offer.

Just be sure to click through to the payment page and you’ll be fine but we promise to show you what’s good bad and ugly about one on one right on a positive note the pricing is very impressive making it a great service to get you started less impressive though is the confusing layout of the website which can be hard to navigate what you might find truly frustrating about one on one though is how long it takes to complete your purchase the number of upsells is pretty extensive if you know what you’re looking for and one-and-one seems like a viable option it can be a great cash saving service for beginning builders either way we at consumer rankings hope you found this review helpful and that you get online soon with a service that works great for you until next time stay plugged in.

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